when people draw your oc


7 hours ago


it i s 6am Please help me

oh que lata

how the fuck do you draw hands

12 hours ago

some day maybe ill make my own lets play youtube channel and all i will do is play games and go AHAHAH LOOK IM PRETENDING I AM FUCKING THIS CAR THIS IS COMEDIC BECAUSE IT SEEMS THAT IA M  IN THE SEXUAL ACTO FINTERCOURSE WITH A MECHANICAL INANIMATE DAILY STAPLE OF AMERICAN LIFE and just keep making those videos and get paide like 5000 dollars a vid

12 hours ago

  • guy: mmm does the carpet match the drapes
  • real estate agent: sir, you can clearly see that the carpet does in fact match with these drapes. are you going to buy the house or not
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12 hours ago

who keeps making Step Up movies and why

12 hours ago